Specialized Courses

Specialized Innovations and Perspective Courses for Guest Participants

Special considerations will be made upon request by guests and groups to attend Dechinta in order to learn in a capacity other than post-secondary programming. Dechinta can offers an authentic teaching and learning experience focused on connection to the land and revitalization of Indigenous land-based practices, knowledge and relationships that form the core of Indigenous identity and life ways as a catalyst to personal and collective decolonization, self-determination, health and wellness.


During specialized courses, students are introduced to Indigenous land-based education based upon a foundation of Indigenous worldviews and perspectives as articulated by our northern Indigenous scholars, knowledge holders, researchers and educators. Students will be introduced to new perspectives and approaches that can contribute to the building of relationships and be integrated into approaches in the land is the classroom component to strengthen communities of practice.


Courses are offered on a case by case basis and pending on availability of staff and location.

Course fees to be determined based on group size, location and individualized requests.


Examples of course content include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Indigenous education and northern education in Canada
  • Indigenous identity, colonization and decolonization
  • Indigenous philosophy, worldviews and perspectives, pedagogy and ontology
  • Infusion of Indigenous worldview and perspectives relating to sustainability initaitives and how to put them into research and action
  • First Nations, Métis and Inuvialuit education: Re-imagining the ‘classroom’
  • Place-based and land-based learning: the land as an honoured teacher

Who Should Attend?

Groups who desire an enhanced on the land experience in innovative approaches celebrating northern Indigenous ways of knowing and learning who are committed to fostering inclusive environments that maximize community capacity and resources resulting excited and engaged learners.

All courses are meant to offer a nurturing and healthy relationship between guests, Dechinta staff, family and community.

Children and supportive parental caregivers are welcome.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in this course will come away having explored, critically reflected upon and practiced an innovative land based approach to education. Participants will have considerable time to thinking about and practice how to build strong relationships in the workforce or in every day life using tools to enhance collaboration and support for creating a space of awareness of Indigenous culture through a unique educational experience.


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