Teacher’s Course

Teacher’s Course

Innovations and Perspectives for Northern Educators

This innovative land-based graduate level course for Northern Teachers, with special consideration for teachers of Northern Studies 10-20-30, offers an authentic teaching and learning experience focused on reconnection to the land and revitalization of land-based practices, knowledge and relationships that form the core of Indigenous identity and life ways as a catalyst to personal and collective decolonization, self-determination, health and wellness. During this course, students are introduced to Indigenous and land-based education based upon a foundation of Indigenous worldviews and perspectives as articulated by Indigenous scholars, knowledge holders, researchers and educators. Through this course, students will be introduced to new perspectives and approaches that can contribute to building of relationships and be integrated into approaches in the classroom to strengthen community of practice. Themes and topics to be examined and experienced include the following:

  1. Aboriginal education and northern education in Canada
  2. Indigenous identity, colonization and decolonization
  3. Indigenous philosophy, worldviews and perspectives, pedagogy and ontology
  4. Teacher education and infusion of Indigenous worldview and perspectives into the classroom
  5. First Nations, Métis and Inuvialuit education: Re-imagining the ‘classroom’ and your ‘resources’
  6. Place-based and land-based learning and pedagogy: the land as honoured teacher



March 13, 2015 – Application Deadline
June 1st – Start with preparatory reading completed
June 1st to December 15th – Course duration
June 27th to July 5th – On the land intensive portion

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved with Education and teaching in the NWT who desires an enhanced tool-kit to engage students and the broader community in innovative approaches celebrating Northern ways of knowing and learning. NWT Educators committed to fostering inclusive environments that maximize community capacity and resources resulting excited and engaged learners.

This course will be of special interest to both new and homegrown educators committed to nurturing a robust and healthy relationship between students, the school the community, parents and grandparents.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in this course will come away having explored, critically reflected upon and practiced innovative approaches to curriculum delivery, and have spent considerable time thinking about and practicing how to build strong relationships using tools to enhance collaboration and support for our next generation through education.

On-line component followed by an on-the-land intensive.

Children are welcome.

This course is accredited by the University of Alberta. Total course cost including tuition, materials, travel from Yellowknife-Dechinta return, room and board, child care if required on-siteand pre-and post intensive teaching and course support, is $5,000.

NWTTA Members seeking reimbursement support contact:

Colleen Eckhart, NWTTA, PD Coordinator 867-873-5795 or colleeneckhart@learnnet.nt.ca

Teachers who attended Residential School can use the Personal Education Credit.

Please contact Shannon Payne at spayne@afn.ca

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Indigenous Self-DeterminationInnovations and Perspectives for Northern Educators