Semester Course

Semester Course


Dechinta is an intensive learning experience. Each semester takes place over 12 weeks. Students will spend the first 6-7 weeks onsite, working with Elders and instructors, preparing assignments and maintaining and outcamp. Students and faculty spend those 6-7 weeks engaging in lectures, workshops, daily experiences, fire sessions and out-trips. The majority of the on-site instruction takes place outdoors. Students will have approximately 2 weeks at the end of the semester to complete their final assignments and reflections.

Entrance is based on interviews by the advisory circle; admission requirements are based on life-experience, willingness to learn and dedication.


Each Dechinta semester is different, depending on seasonally appropriate activities, the availability of experts and professors, and the needs articulated by students.

Dechinta currently offers six university-accredited courses. All students take the core Dechinta Community Governance course. Dechinta Core is central to the Dechinta experience. Dechinta Core supports students to share and digest the overall experience of Dechinta through workshops in topics such as community governance, health and wellness, community research methodologies living in community, sustainable communities and governance. Dechinta core supports the healthy communication of the Dechinta community, including community contributions, and personal projects based on semester goals.

Students then take four of the five following University of Alberta degree credit courses (as of Spring 2014):

In addition to the academic courses that Dechinta offers, students also go through the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (Non-Restricted), and a Wilderness First Aid course. Both of these courses are conducted onsite.

The Land as Classroom


Full and Partial scholarships available. Dechinta will support as best we can so financial need does not stand in the way of you attending Dechinta.

Please note that there are two streams in Dechinta, the first is a non-accredited Adult Education Certificate stream, and the second is University Accredited by the University of Alberta. In your application, you are asked what stream you would like to take. You can also call us to receive guidance on what stream would be most suited for your learning goals.

For Northern Students (NWT)

Payment Schedule (Northern Students)

What’s included in the Dechinta Program Fee?

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Visiting Students

Payment Schedule (Visiting Students)

Refund policy: full refund up to one month prior to semester start date, minus $500 administration fee.

What’s included in the Dechinta Program Fee?

Does not include: