logo-inacINAC SINED Program

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) is investing in the North, Northerners, their communities and businesses through an economic development program known as Strategic Investments in Northern Economic Development (SINED). Each territory has its own investment plan under SINED. In the NWT, this plan established economic development priorities and strategic investment targets that are consistent with, and complement, territorial and regional strategic economic planning priorities.

Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation

The Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation aspires to the ideal of a sovereign Canada that is dedicated to the security and well being of all Canadians and committed to tolerance, pluralism and democratic participation.

logo-ichrInstitute for Circumpolar Health Research

The Institute for Circumpolar Health Research [ICHR] is an independent research organization located in the Canadian North devoted to health research relevant to the circumpolar regions and their people. ICHR is extending support in many ways, including hosting and maintaining the Dechinta website.

Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency

Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) is the new federal agency dedicated to strengthening economic activity in the North by broadening the economic base of each territory, improving Northerners’ ability to take advantage of economic opportunity, and increasing coordination among economic partners and programs.

Canadian Circumpolar Institute and Faculty of Native Studies (University of Alberta)

The Faculty of Native Studies and the Canadian Circumpolar Institute at the University of Alberta worked with Dechinta to deliver its pilot courses in June 2010. Currently the University of Alberta and Dechinta Bush University are working on a more formal agreement with the goal of defining ongoing cooperation.

Det’on Cho Logistics

Det’on Cho Logistics‘ mission is to create prosperity for the Yellowknives Dene First Nation by creating training and job opportunities for Yellowknives Dene and by operating successful, profitable businesses. Established in 1988 with a $15,000 grant, the Det’on Cho group now includes more than 20 companies with annual gross revenues of over $30 million.

Government of the Northwest Territories

Support provided through the Departments of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) and Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA).

Many thanks also to Tessa Macintosh who took many of the pictures appearing on this site.